Home delivery policy

Delivery Hours and Ordering Methods:

- Delivery hours coincide with our opening hours, which are available on our official website. We accept orders through our website platform, telephone channels, and external platforms such as JustEat, Glovo, and Zascomidaentuboca.

Order Confirmation and Delivery Times:

- Orders placed on our website are confirmed almost instantly, while those made by phone or external platforms are confirmed as quickly as possible. Delivery times are estimated considering various factors such as order volume, availability of drivers, traffic, and weather conditions.

Rates and Payment Methods:

- The price of our home delivery service is €2 for all zones, with a minimum purchase set according to distance. We accept cash, debit and credit cards, as well as bank transfers for scheduled orders with at least 24 hours' notice.

Changes and Returns Policy:

- Changes for customer errors are not accepted. Changes will only be made for errors attributable to Pizza Pazza or if the order arrives in unsatisfactory conditions due to delivery. Requests for changes or returns must be made within the first 5/10 minutes after delivery and follow the procedure established by our team.

Safety and Prevention Measures:

- We implement security measures to protect the integrity of our delivery drivers, including regular vehicle maintenance, use of personal protective equipment, and strict compliance with traffic regulations.

Issues with Orders and Customer Exclusion:

- In the event of problems with previous orders, we reserve the right to exclude customers from the home delivery service. Excluded customers may request a review of their situation, subject to the decision of our team.

Delivery Capacity and Customer Communication:

- Our delivery capacity varies depending on demand, driver availability, and other operational variables. During deliveries, we communicate exclusively via phone and WhatsApp, with email confirmations optionally available.

Data Protection and Conclusions:

- We strive to protect customer information, even though it is printed on the purchase ticket. The loss of the ticket may affect the availability of this information.

This policy establishes the terms and conditions for Pizza Pazza's home delivery service, ensuring quality and safety in every delivery.

Brief Explanation: Our policy outlines procedures, rates, and conditions for our home delivery service, ensuring an optimal experience for customers in Santa Eulalia del Río and surrounding areas.

Closing Statement: We thank our customers for choosing Pizza Pazza and trusting our home delivery service. We are committed to providing them with an exceptional experience with every delivery.

In addition, please note that Pizza Pazza reserves the right to make exceptions to the policies outlined above if deemed appropriate at the discretion of the management.

At Pizza Pazza, we strive to provide efficient and reliable home delivery service for our customers in Santa Eulalia del Río and its surroundings. Our home delivery policy outlines the procedures, rates, and conditions under which we operate this service to ensure an optimal experience for our customers.

Coverage Area and Rates:

- Our coverage area includes Santa Eulalia del Río and its surroundings, with a maximum radius of approximately 10 km from our headquarters at Carrer Cesar Puget Riquer, 6. Delivery rates vary by zone and are detailed in a table available for consultation.